“John Francis is a great communicator and has a wealth of information to offer. John explained the importance of strategic thinking, vision and planning when considering future expansion within a franchise system.  He provided spot-on analysis and explanation. He left our group feeling empowered and ready to take the next steps to grow the brand.”


Painting with a Twist
September 2016

“Working with John was a very positive experience. We provided him with an arsenal of information in preparation for our event, which went smoothly in the way of flow and delivery. The crowd, which was a very seasoned group of owners who have “heard it all” over the last 20 years, was very engaged. His approach is very inviting, humble and open minded.”

ELLEN GREER| Regional Director 
The Maids – New England Region
October 2015

“All of our franchise owners found the information and your professionally relaxed presentation style beneficial.”

CORY CZEPA | President & CEO
Live 2 B Healthy Senior Fitness  


“John’s personal experience growing up in the franchise hair care business, as well as his later involvement with other franchises and businesses, gives him a unique insight into our business.  He has excellent business judgement, and his involvement in other franchise systems is valuable in that he can share some non-confidential best practices with us.”


Sport Clips


“John has twice recently been a featured speaker at our events, which targeted a franchisee audience – specifically, helping them strengthen their personal businesses and networks while building a better relationship with their franchisor.  The content John discussed made a definite impact on the franchisees in attendance.  Many cited his presentation (and specific segments of it) as being revelatory, whether as new ideas for improving their own business or as reassurance that the issues they’ve encountered are not unique to them and can be overcome.”

ERIC STITES | CEO & Managing Director
Franchise Business REVIEW

“John is my uber board member.  From his franchise experience and his time-management skills to his professionalism and work ethic, it’s very hard to find someone with all these traits.  He doesn’t miss a thing.”

VAS MANIATIS | Founder & President


“John is a true professional in every sense. He served as our Keynote Speaker at Seva’s President’s Cabinet Conference in April of 2015. Not only did our Franchise Partners remain engaged by his message throughout the meeting, but they also liked him as a person and enjoyed getting to know him throughout the day. John also collaborated with me on the event for weeks in advance. He made sure that the message he delivered aligned with our company and it’s values.”

KARI COMROV-MARTINEZ| Sr. Director of Spa Operations


“I’ve worked with John at many levels over the years and have found him to be a thoughtful strategic thinker with a deep understanding and knowledge of franchising and the franchise relationship. Most recently, John has advised our ownership group and guided us to implement a new system to improve efficiency and accountability in our organization. I can sincerely say John has made a positive difference at PostNet and I would not hesitate for a second in recommending that others use him in a similar role as an advisor or board member.”

BRIAN SPINDEL| Co-Founder & President

John Francis spoke at our Area Developers meeting and they were instantly impressed with his credibility and experiences.  He was well prepared and did a lot of homework on our organization and needs so he could maximize his value.  We have already seen good results as our AD’s are more focused than ever.  John hit a home run for Office Pride.”


TODD HOPKINS| President and CEO

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services